Giving Sight

Our eyewear line provides eye care to our customers and recipients. Part of the Shoes for Tomorrow campaign, every eyewear purchase will provide eye care support to those who are in need. Aside from that, we also provide sight-saving treatment to our recipients.

Toms Shoes Reviews has been giving the gift of better sight to over 600,000 people who are in need. With the help of our 14 Giving Partners in 13 countries, we are able to continue achieving our purpose and goal. With every purchase, we can give the following to those who are in need:

Prescription Glasses

Better clear eyesight is possible with the corrective prescription glasses to be determined by our eye care professionals. We hope to provide the right pair of eyeglasses to those who are in need. Our recipients have the freedom to select their own frames.

We help to correct various eye problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. With this step, we hope for everyone to enjoy the beauty of sight.

Sight-Saving Surgery

One of the major assistance that we can provide to those who are in need is a sight-saving surgery. With the help of professional surgeons, we are able to give eye surgery, follow-up eye treatments, and education to our recipients. The following are the major operations we cover:

  • Cataract – this represents Toms Shoes Review’s major eye surgery that helps people correct their vision through 15 minutes of surgery.
  • Trachoma – this eye surgery treats the chronic inflammation and scarring on the inside of the eyelid.

Medical Treatment

This is provided to those people who are in need of eye treatment. Eye care professionals provide medical treatment, remove a foreign object in a patient’s eyes, and offer eye care education. Toms Shoes Reviews also provide medical eye treatment for inflammation, infection, eye trauma, and corneal ulcerations.