Toms Shoes Reviews is a Canada-based company that was founded by John Blake after coming across children with no shoes. Way back 2006, Blake witnessed the struggles and problems that were being faced by shoeless children. With this, it sparked a passion on his heart to help them through Toms Shows Reviews.

With the compassion to help, it completed the foundation to build Toms Shows Reviews as a powerful business that aims to serve and help people. The company has been giving support to the education, health, and economy of communities all over the world.

Shoes for Tomorrow

Toms Shoes Reviews’ Shoes for Tomorrow campaign aims to give shoes to those who are in need with every purchased shoe. This is the first step that the company did for the children and various communities. It has been recognized as a strong campaign that really helps other people.

Of course, this won’t be successful without the help of compassionate people who keeps on loving and buying shoes from Toms Shows Reviews.

With your every purchase of a simple yet stylish pair of shoes from Toms, a new shoe will also be given to a child who is in need. Indeed, you can make helpful steps by supporting it.

Gift of Sight

Toms Shoes Reviews has also been providing eyewear to those in need people using their eyewear line. This is also a product of the Shoes for Tomorrow campaign that Toms Shoes Reviews launched. With this, with every purchased of eye products, the company will also share the gift of sight to those people who are in need of it.

Water of Hope

In 2014, Blake launched a roasting company that sells coffee products. However, it is not actually a simple business as it aims to help as well. With every purchased product, the company will provide 140 liters of safe water to the communities who are living in regions that produce coffee.

With your simple act of purchasing coffee products, many families will benefit from it. An act of compassion for everyone.

Joy for New Life

For every successful campaign that Toms Shoes Reviews has been doing, the compassion to help other people does not end there. Blake launched another campaign in which every purchase of his company’s bag, they will support maternal health care. Toms Shoes Reviews helps by providing maternal kits and training for birth attendants.

With this, every time you make a purchase from their bag collection, you will indirectly help give joy to those who are in maternal care.