How We Give

The Shoes for Tomorrow campaign would not be this successful without the help of our Giving partners. Toms Shoes Reviews connects with these Giving Partners who provide services for healthcare, finance programs, leadership, and educational training for the community.

Now, we are grateful to say that the Shoes for Tomorrow campaign is achieving the goal of the company. It is not only for business purposes but mainly for keeping compassion in helping others.

The following are the steps that we at Toms Shoes Reviews and our Giving Partners follow in living up to the company’s goal and purpose:

Step 1. Make a Match

The campaign starts with a single purchase. Once products are purchased, the distribution of the same number of shoes happens with the help of our Giving Partners.

Step 2. Customize the Order

With the help of our Giving Partners and the right logistical support, the right shoes will be delivered to the children. We customize the products with the correct size, type, and quantities.

Step 3. Deliver and Distribute

New pairs of shoes will be delivered and distributed directly to the children’s feet. It will become possible with the help of our Giving Partners.

Step 4. Pick up the Tab

Expenses are covered with the help of the company. Vehicle rental, transportation, and other expenses are paid.

Step 5. Review and Improve

Assessing the feedbacks and results is part of learning. Through this, we become more efficient and effective in helping others.

Step 6. Repeat

With commitment and compassion, the campaign will run until every child owns a pair of shoes.