What We Give

We are known for our simple yet classic design for our products. Together with the Shoes for Tomorrow campaign, we offer custom-made products. We also precisely offer various styles for the needs of everyone from the classic slip-on, winter boots, and well-weather slip-on to sports shoes and locally produced shoes. All of them are made for any weather and every occasion with a stylish design.

Keep in mind that your purchase has a purpose. Therefore, in every purchased item, the following are the items that will also be given to those in need:

Classic Slip-On

This classic slip-on has been given to children since 2007. We have given classic slip-ons to the children in more than 70 countries. With its design, it can be used in school while following specific school policies.

With the collected feedback, it has been improved in terms of durability and comfort. It can protect the foot of the children from getting wounds and cuts. It is being given as well to our Giving Partners in different development programs and campaigns.

Winter Boots

These winter boots have been given to children since 2012 from various locations throughout Asia, Europe, and America. From the name itself, it is well-developed for the heavy climates during winter. These winter boots are built and improved to protect children’s foot in cold and wet weather.

Wet-Weather Slip-On

We have started giving wet-weather slip-ons to children in Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia since 2014. If winter boots aim to protect children from cold weather, this shoe is mainly for the wet weather.

The design of the wet weather slip-on aims to provide proper air and water circulation through the holes. With its design, it also offers comfort to children who use it.

Sports Shoe

We have been giving sports shoes to children since 2013 in countries all over Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and the United States. This is a sneaker to provide comfort for children during outdoor activities. With the help of our Giving Partners, it has been developed to encourage children to be active as well.

As a single type sports shoe, children can also live an active life without any worry of being shoeless.

Locally Produced Shoe

The latest design that has been given to the children is the locally produced shoe. It has been given to various children throughout Argentina, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, and Kenya since 2013. It does not only aim to help children, but it also supports jobs in local areas. One-third of the income from locally produced shoes is allocated to the local regions.

This shoe is not only to give comfort and safety to the foot of children, but it also aims to help the people in education programs.

Your purchase at Toms shoe website will help various outreach programs for children and communities. Giving Partners has been helping us for supporting healthcare, giving access to education, and building confidence. Let us continue giving and hope for a better life for everyone.