How to Wear TOMS to Work

How to Wear TOMS to Work

Can you wear TOMS to work? The answer is a resounding YES! In fact, there are many different ways to style TOMS for work. You can go with the traditional canvas style for a more casual look, or choose a dressier style or color if you need to dress up your outfit a bit. With a little creativity, you can easily incorporate this popular shoe brand into your work wardrobe!
What Are TOMS?
TOMS are a casual shoe style that can be worn in many different settings, including to work. They are made of sturdy materials and can last for years when well taken care of. TOMS can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any…

Advantages of Using CBD for the Feet

The feet are one of the essential parts of the body. It can be very fatal if anything happens to your feet because it affects a lot of things. First of all, it restricts your mobility and stops you from doing the things you usually love to do. At some point, several of us might have experienced some foot problems, whether from wearing tight-fitting shoes or more severe foot problems like arthritis. Luckily you can use CbdNorth to treat most foot problems. Here are some advantages of using CBD for the feet
It helps with pain
Most times, we&#8217…

Should Teachers Wear Open-Toed Shoes?

The warmer days of the year have you feeling fun and daring. Outcomes the summer dresses and the heeled sandals and the jeans and drab items can take a rest. For as long as the education system has been around, there has been a debate on appropriate teacher shoes and whether school teachers should wear open-toe shoes. If you are a little unsure yourself, then let’s get to discussing!
Why Is There Even a Debate at All?
Back in the day, women who worked in a professional setting were required to wear pantyhose. Over the years …

How to Wear a Simple T-Shirt and Dress Shoes Without Looking Awkward?

T-Shirt and Dress Shoes

Most of the time, when we wear custom t shirts, the automatic shoes paired with them are running shoes or sneakers. Both the tops and the footwear in that case are worn for comfort. However, there are times that one must wear or might want to wear a t-shirt with dress shoes. Is this possible? Some say in Kitchener, it is possible. Yes, it is. That is not to say, however, that anyone can pull it off. Dress shoes and t-shirts do not usually go together, and so some people may look awkward when they try the combination. Go over the list of tips…

Washing Your Shoes

Taking good care of your shoes doesn’t require a lot of effort, one just needs to review the guides. This means sitting down on your warm and comfy couch and taking the time to read the guides about washing. You will find that this is similar to washing cookware. The first step often entails finding a kitchen faucet to wash the shoes under. In fact, our shoes only require low maintenance. They also don’t demand deep and extensive cleaning as long as you take good care of them.
There are two methods you can do to wash your shoes which are as follows:
Method 1: Wash It with Your Hands
Look for a soft and …

How to Buy Shoes Online?

Buying online is now significantly improved to make purchasing a hassle and stress-free experience. Like when buying golf equipment, buying shoes is easy. We have provided a guide below to make it easier for everyone to buy shoes.
Here’s how you can buy the right shoes for you online:
Find the Right Shoe Size
Keep in mind that our shoes follow the US standard size chart. Therefore, if you are not familiar with your size, kindly refer to the sizing charts.
Select Your Shoe Size
After …

Eat My Lunch Program

Check out the smiles of the children who received our products. We are lucky to be part of this Eat My Lunch Program at the Mangere Primary School. The children will often participate in fishing programs. This means that kids all have allocated kayaks for fishing which they take out on the lake. Some kids who choose not to go in the kayaks will sit on fishing chairs and try their luck from the shore….

Finding Your Right Size

Looking for your correct shoe size online might be confusing when you are not familiar with the sizing. Some mothers of newborns find it hard to find the right size shoe. Their feet are often swollen from walking around with large strollers every day. It’s much easier on their feet to relax at home with the baby in a swing for the afternoon. Well, our products follow the US Standard size chart.
If you observe the soles of our shoes, there are marks indicated to distinguish the kind of shoe. M for men, W for women, Y for youths, and T for tiny. These marks indicate the size and for whom a shoe is sized. For the in-…