Best of the Best Basketball Shoes 2020

Best Basketball Shoes

At WearTesters, we believe that good basketball shoes online can take you places. But a mean pair of basketball shoes can win you the championships. This is why our team of expert reviewers makes a very thorough assessment of hundreds and hundreds of basketball shoes, all claiming to have the latest technology and design.

When a player is out there on the court, he is left alone with his defenses, his skills, and of course, a very important gear: his basketball shoes. A pair of basketball shoes can make or break the man. It can affect his performance in so many ways, which is why the shoes he wears has to have the right fit, TO assure comfort; the best ankle support, to protect ankles from breaking; has good flexibility and stability, to allow you to perform your winning moves; good value for money and so on.

Exclusively for our favorite basketball heroes, we have listed and reviewed countless shoes in various categories. Since 2020 is about to come to an end, we relisted them again to make it to the Final 3. Find them in the necessary order, or NOT, the best of the best basketball shoes to help you win more hoops are as follows:

3) ANTA GH 1.

Gordon Hayward’s ANTA GH 1 is a strong shoe and a welcome surprise for 2020. The shoe traction had a great grip in court and out. Its A-FlashFoam cushion was firm and superb. The materials used were of textiles, neoprene and synthetic leather, fairly durable.

Though it felt like it best fits wider feet, the materials rest well against my foot and provide all the necessary support.

On top of this, this shoe meets all your expectations in terms of support for a shoe. It did an excellent job in providing support during the game.

Overall, priced at $100, the ANTA GH 1 may not be the typical big brand that people are accustomed to. However, you may find yourself going back to this shoe, for its solid court performance alone.


Nike’s Kobe 5 is back and is better than ever. The outsole has been updated with more tread because of its usual heartbeat pattern giving a more steadfast setup. The cushion has improved with Nike’s new Zoom Turbo, which is responsive in the forefoot securing impact protection and giving bouncy responsiveness.

The materials are lightweight and flexible though hopefully more durable than the previous version. Some minor differences could be felt during certain movements, such as in the toe. However, midfoot to heel is still pretty much the same.

The fit is as always snug, you might as well forget you’re wearing a shoe. The fact that the shoe hugs the footwell (like a glove to a hand) is great especially since primary support is quite reliant on the overall fit. Overall, Kobe 5 feels a lot like a well-improved version of the Kobe 1.

The same features are pretty much there but better and badass than before. Not sure if saying this is good, as ideally, a newer version released in the current year should be way better than something released, say a couple of years back. It should have better design and technology, after all.


Li-Ning Way of Wade has withstood our team’s rigid shoe testing. Much was not expected, given the previous traction record of this shoe. However, WoW 8 continuously impressed even when played on a court, and all the more outdoors on winter hoops.

Li-Ning makes use of the BOOM cushion that absorbs impact well after being broken in. This foam gives Nike’s technology a run for its money, as the Wow 8’s cushioning held really well even outdoors. Condura’s Nylon was officially licensed by Li-Ning and it did wonders to the shoe’s midsole tooling taking off the impact from your foot.

Flexibility was incredible without compromising support. For the best fit of Wade, going down ½ size would be a good recommendation as this should help with the overall lockdown and internal shifting of the foot.

The support of the Wow 8 takes it all to a whole new level, as it supports full well without restriction. BOOM cushioning enclosed by EVA and TPU may not be ideal for all, but it works really well. Conclusively, the Way of Wade 8 may come a bit steep at $225, but it does the job and it does it well.

It deals with issues that a lot have been fuming about – say, the lack of shank/torsion support. The shoe did not skimp at all, resulting in a masterpiece of a shoe that’s almost perfect.

There goes our Top 3 Best of the Best Basketball Shoes for 2020 based on our countless reviews. But you cannot put the same shoe on every foot. Not all shoes fit everyone the same way, but our observations were based on common comments about each model, made factual through fit, trial, and performance.

Feel free to browse through other reviews we have done this year or in the past for a more detailed look at basketball shoes.

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