How to Buy The Right Size of Basketball Shoes

Finding the best basketball shoes in your size is one of the most important decisions you make when getting ready to play. If you choose basketball shoes of the wrong size, your feet could suffer a lot of damage ranging from neuropathy to poor movement, blisters, calluses, and even ingrown toenails. In this article, you will learn how to buy the right size of basketball shoes so you can enjoy playing.

Measure Your Feet at Home

measure feet for basket ball shoes

Finding the right size of basketball shoes starts with measuring your feet. To do this, you will need a piece of paper, a ruler, and a pen or pencil. If you take measurements at home, preferably do so with basketball socks on. Place the paper on the ground and put your foot on it firmly. Relax your feet and stand up straight. Use your pen or pencil to mark behind your heel and in front of your longest toe.

Don’t Forget to Measure The Width

Many people forget to measure the width of their feet when looking to purchase a new pair of shoes. To do this, mark the widest point of your feet. This is typically the ball of your foot, right below the big toe.

Stand Up When Trying on Shoes

When you are trying on a pair of shoes, avoid doing so while sitting. Stand up straight instead, as this helps you feel the shoes better. When you stand, your feet are elongated and spread out completely. This way, you can tell if the shoes are a good fit or not.

If your feet are wider than average, you should buy shoes that are a half size larger to avoid any discomfort. Try on the shoes, walk around briefly and ensure that they fit nicely.

Leave Some Room

When you find a pair of shoes that fit snugly, be careful not to pick one that does not have sufficient toe room. This can lead to blisters, calluses, nail or toe problems. It can also affect your balance while playing. You should leave about ¼ or ¼ of an inch of toe room between the clearance of your longest toe.

Choose a Secure Heel

Your basketball shoes should fit snugly enough that the heel does not move around when you move. This affects your stability and balance.

Consider Upper and Upper Security

Basketball shoes come as high tops, low tops, and mid tops. Each of these offers varying feels and levels of stability. Depending on your position and range of motion, pick an upper that correctly supports your feet and ankles. Lower tops are more for speed and agility, while higher tops provide more support.

Measure Your Feet Frequently

If you haven’t measured your feet in a while, do so before buying a new pair. For basketball players who are still in their rapid-growing phase, it is recommended to measure before buying a new pair. Other factors that may cause a change in shoe size include weight gain, injuries, stress, and age.

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