How to Wear a Simple T-Shirt and Dress Shoes Without Looking Awkward?

T-Shirt and Dress Shoes

Most of the time, when we wear custom t shirts, the automatic shoes paired with them are running shoes or sneakers. Both the tops and the footwear in that case are worn for comfort. However, there are times that one must wear or might want to wear a t-shirt with dress shoes. Is this possible? Some say in Kitchener, it is possible. Yes, it is. That is not to say, however, that anyone can pull it off. Dress shoes and t-shirts do not usually go together, and so some people may look awkward when they try the combination. Go over the list of tips below to give yourself the best t-shirt-dress shoes combination.

Wear Chinos or Fit Jeans

Chino pants are like khakis, but they’re slightly lighter and slimmer. They’re a better match for casual tees as they look neater and sleeker. Now, if you really love that denim, you have to make sure that the pair you’re wearing are fit.

Lay Off the Graphics

While we may be talking about matching a t-shirt with a pair of dress shoes, that does not mean that any kind of t-shirt will do. There are still some limitations in terms of what t-shirts you can wear.

Do not wear t-shirts that have a lot of graphics or prints on it. T-shirts with the image of your favorite band printed on the front will not go well with dress shoes. Even custom t-shirts are debatable. Opt to wear t-shirts with minimal designs instead. We’re talking about striped or plain t-shirts. In that case, the t-shirt would still agree with the whole semi-casual look.

Wear Jewelry

Sometimes, no matter how simple the whole outfit is, a piece of jewelry is all it takes to take to another level. With only a plain t-shirt and a pair of dress shoes, you might want to add a watch to look more ready for a meeting of some sort. A piece of earring can also be a good option, provided that the place you’re going to isn’t for business. Some men even put on a necklace. Whatever it is, the trick is to not overdo it. One or two pieces of man jewelry will do.

Match the Colors

Colors are very important. They say a lot about your personality, and they say a lot about your taste. How so? Well, pairing a purple t-shirt with orange dress shoes don’t exactly scream good taste, does it?

Coordinate the colors. Opt to wear earth tones or dark colors to exude a more business-like vibe. Keep the idea safe; do not experiment with color combinations too much. If you’re wearing a black t-shirt, wear black dress shoes too. If it’s a pair of brown shoes, then wear brown or at least a shade that’s very close to brown.

Put on a Blazer

Another thing you can add to your t-shirt and dress shoe combination is a blazer. However, men who usually add a blazer on their t-shirt are likely to go to a business meeting or such. If you’re planning to go meet some friends, a blazer may not be necessary.


After you’ve followed all the tips given, make sure that you’re feeling confident about yourself and what you’re wearing. After all, confidence is the key to owning your whole outfit.

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