Washing Your Shoes

Taking good care of your shoes doesn’t require a lot of effort, one just needs to review the guides. This means sitting down on your warm and comfy couch and taking the time to read the guides about washing. You will find that this is similar to washing cookware. The first step often entails finding a kitchen faucet to wash the shoes under. In fact, our shoes only require low maintenance. They also don’t demand deep and extensive cleaning as long as you take good care of them.

There are two methods you can do to wash your shoes which are as follows:

Method 1: Wash It with Your Hands

Look for a soft and dry brush to remove dust on your shoes. Make sure you use a brush with soft bristles to avoid ruining your shoes’ fabric.

Use cold water when wetting and rinsing your shoes. Add a pinch of mild detergent to your cold water. It must be enough to make bubbles when the water and the detergent are mixed.

Apply the solution to your shoes. Using your soft-bristled brush, clean the surface of your shoes.

Put it in a place with air, then let it air-dry for a few hours. Clean the persistent spots if there are any.

Method 2: Wash via a Washing Machine

The video below explains what to do and what NOT TO DO when you wash your sneakers in a washing machine. Follow the 6 hacks:


Prepare your washing machine and choose a gentle cycle setting. Use cold water when washing your shoes.

Make a solution with a ¼ dose of mild detergent. Again, use a mild detergent as it will be enough to make bubbles. Don’t put bleach!

Fill up your washing machine up to ¾ full. Turn it on and put the shoes in. After washing it, leave your shoes to dry. It is not advised to put it on a dryer since it might let the fabric shrink. Clean it again for persistent spots if necessary.

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